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Insurance Information

All students at Mount Ida College (including student-athletes) must have medical insurance (primary).  NCAA rules do not permit any college or university to provide such coverage for student-athletes unless it is furnished for all students at the college.

Mount Ida College maintains athletic injury insurance for injuries received while participating in official practice sessions and/or in actual intercollegiate competition.  This insurance is a secondary policy requiring that the primary (the student-athlete's) policy must first be applied to any medical costs. 

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It is also recommended that student-athletes who are insured through their parents and/or guardians bring referrals from their primary care physician in order to expedite the process of receiving health care in the area of Newton, Massachusetts should he/she sustain an injury during athletic participation.  The referral from the student-athlete's primary care physician should state that the student may be seen by Dr. Jenn Schwartz, the Mount Ida College Team Physician, in the event of an athletic injury.


Secondary Insurance Information

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