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Transferring to or from Mount Ida

If you are interested in transferring to Mount Ida from either a NCAA Division 1 or 2 school, we need to receive written permission to contact you from the school you are at before the coaches can contact you directly.  Even if you are not currently playing a sport at your current Institution, coaches are not allowed to have any contact with students on another campus until they have received permission. 

Please contact your school's compliance officer (check the staff directory or compliance tab on your schools website) and either ask them for a general release to contact schools you have in interest in transferring to or have them send the release directly to our compliance coordinator, Katie Zuman.  Once that has been received you can speak freely with our coaches.

In 2004, the NCAA gave Division 3 Student/Athletes the right to Self-Release for a limited period of time to other NCAA Division 3 schools. For complete information go to If you would like to send a self-release so a Mount Ida coach can contact you please fill out the link below and send it to Katie Zuman and the coach you would like to contact.

NCAA Division 3 Self-Release Form

If you are interested in transferring from Mount Ida to another Institution, you are strongly encouraged to notify your coach.  If you are interested in Divisions 3 schools, you can complete the Self Release link and you would have 30 days to have contact with potential schools.  If communication is to continue after the 30 days, you must contact Katie Zuman to continue contact with the potential Institutions.  If you are looking at Division 1 or 2 Institutions, you must contact Katie Zuman for the appropriate paperwork. 

Here are some general guidelines to consider which may affect your immediate eligibility.  This is meant to be a general guideline and NCAA rules must be consulted for specifics.  Also, there are two basic premises for the NCAA which are; ask before you act & you cannot transfer out of trouble. 

1.    If you have not participated in collegiate athletics at Division III OR if you have not participated in over two years you would be immediately eligible.
2.    If you are eligible at your current institution you are likely be eligible immediately.
3.    If you have participated in athletics; are you showing satisfactory academic progress towards your degree? 

You must average passing/earning 12 credit hours per semester for each semester you are in college and be above your schools minimum GPA.  If you fail classes they count as attempted but not earned.  If you withdraw from a class the credits may count as attempted and you should check with your registrar. (i.e.  If you have been in college 3 semesters you need to have earned a minimum of 36 credit hours)

4.    Once you start taking classes full-time, you have 5 years and /or 10 full-time semesters to use your four seasons of eligibility. 
5.    If you are doing graduate work, you can use eligibility where you received your undergraduate degree. 
6.    If you are going to be ineligible at the time of transfer, eligibility can be re-established with a year in residency at either a 2 or 4 year college.  This is consecutive fall and spring (or spring/fall) semesters with full time status (12 or more credits typically) and being both academically and athletically eligible at that point.  Summer classes do not count towards residency requirements. 

This is just an overview so please check with your compliance officer if you have any specific questions or unique circumstances.