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A rock fight begins.........

There are only two ways that you lose a rock fight:  you get knocked out, or you quit.

The Rock Fight has begun!  This is the way our Mount Ida family attacks life.  As long as we have field to defend, we have rocks to throw.   If there is time on the clock we will continue to fight to score points.  But the rock fight isn't just a symbol of how to play football, it is also a metaphor for how we should live our lives: Never quit and fight to the end for what you want out of life.  At some point, we're all challenged by adversity.  Our family understands that as long as we are breathing, the fight is not over - there are rocks to throw.

Green rocks have been placed all over campus.  These rocks are to remind the Mount Ida family that it is surrounded with the tools need to accomplish its goals.  It is also to remind us not to give up.  If we start the semester off poorly, we can still fight to get better grades.  If the entire semester is lost, we still have the tools to make a comeback.  The rocks are a reminder that the only way to lose is by quitting.

Another way to understand these rocks is that we, the Mount Ida Community, are those rocks.  We may be a small school, but we are a big family.  When faced with adversity, our little brothers and sisters are surrounded with the tools that they need to win their personal rock fights:  Here at Mount Ida - faculty, staff, and other students ---- we are these rocks!

When faced with adversity - WE ROCK FIGHT!


- Head Football Coach Michael Landers